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Olivia hired a Georgia Private Detective

I look forward to my continued work with Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. I highly recommend this company to anyone needing investigative services.

..a truly outstanding job

Hadley hired a Georgia Private Detective

Eagle Investigative Services has always done a truly outstanding job for my clients. They always follow through, and keep me in the loop while the investigation is ongoing so my client always knows what the status is.

..an excellent job testifying at trial.

Linda hired a Georgia Private Detective

Eagle Investigative Services, Inc., and in particular, Niall Cronnolly, assisted us in presenting conclusive evidence of a fraud perpetuated on the court by other parties in pending litigation, and we succeeded in having their pleadings stricken with prejudice. Niall is very professional and did an excellent job testifying at trial. We highly recommend Eagle Investigative […]

..excellent and diligent work..

Vernadette hired an Atlanta private detective

I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent and diligent work you and your colleague did for my client. Your commitment to our case was apparent, which enabled us to work together effectively as a team. I would gladly refer you to other attorney’s in need of private investigative services. […]

Eagle are of the highest caliber.

Dr. Blom hired a private investigator

Whether your investigative matter is work-related or personal, Eagle are of the highest caliber. In a field where honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance, I have found Eagle to be impeccable and of the highest quality standards. They are unusually perceptive, ethical and cost-effective, a combination that can not be beat. They are […]

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How to hire an Atlanta private Invesitgator

Eagle Investigative Services Inc., provided me with important legal services that required quick action. I needed fast service on a defendant. Eagle was not only able to serve the defendant, but they did so in a timely manner. Eagle was professional, proficient and performed exceptionally well. I would not hesitate to use them for any […]

Eagle’s team were fantastic!

Mitch Allen - Atlanta Private Investigator

The work of Eagle was critical in convincing the Plaintiff that the case should be settled at mediation rather than risk the introduction of harmful evidence at trial. Eagle’s team were fantastic!