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I contacted Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. as well as several other Private Investigator firms to inquire about tracing harassing blocked calls made to my cell phone. All of the other PI firms I contacted told me the technology didn’t exist and one firm said that only my cell phone carrier could determine where the calls were coming from. When I explained this to Niall at Eagle, he offered to prove it to me before signing the contract to hire them. After testing it, I then understood why Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. is the best private investigative firm in Atlanta. Not only were they able to trace the blocked calls to my cell phone, but they had the technology to set it up so that the blocked name and number was unblocked and appeared on the caller ID of the dummy number that we gave them. Because of this, we were able to see the name and number for ourselves and didn’t have to wait for the official call log. Eagle Investigative Service has the latest and greatest technology as well as superior customer service!! I highly recommend them for your investigative needs!!