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Why hire a private investigator for cheating spouse cases

Why hire a private investigator for cheating spouse cases? 8 reasons. If you have a suspicion that your spouse or partner is cheating on you, it can consume you. It’s all you can think about. You lose sleep over it. You just want answers. You want to know everything about the situation but you’re not […]

The 6 main reason cell phone forensics fails

The 6 main reasons cell phone forensics fails In today’s litigious society cell phones are often the holy grail of evidence collection. With people using phones like they use their laptops, emails, SMS messages, pictures, videos, and social media listings provide a plethora of data for the cell phone forensics analyst. Often there are factors […]

Two women come face to face with a cheater

Two women come face to face with a cheater As you know, we don’t encourage anyone to to confront a cheater. The situation may get volatile and someone may get hurt. We took steps to ensure this wasn’t the case with this particular scenario. What you hear here is the pain of a woman who […]

The one thing you should never say to a cheater, the 6 reasons why and how you can avoid making a huge mistake

Here’s a quick reference to points in the post: Reason 1 – Do you really think they’ll be honest?? Reason 2 – You won’t have all the facts Reason 3 – You’ll show your hand too soon Reason 4 – They’ll make you blame yourself Reason 5- You’ll make catching them more difficult Reason 6 […]

Remembering two very special Atlantans

Pete Combs interviews Niall Cronnolly and John Mayoue “Eagle is once of those rare firms that combines competence with creativity.”         Rick S. Alembik Attorney I had the honor and privelege of knowing Pete Combs for many years. His unmistakable voice was instantly recognizable. I had many good times with him and […]

Confirmation Bias in Interviews and Depostions

  What Ted Cruz and Gwen Stefani can teach you. Here’s a quick reference to points in the post: Confirming vs Disconfirming Information How is confirmation bias developed? Do you suffer from confirmation bias? How do you combat confirmation bias? Further research on confirmation bias A quick confirmation bias test Without looking it up guess […]

How to catch a private investigator

Even the best get cornered, sometimes.. How to catch a private investigator People looking to hire a private investigator in Atlanta often ask us, “How often do you get caught?”. What they’re referring to is how often the subject of our investigation finds out that we’re investigating them, following them or they’re otherwise in our crosshairs. […]

Recover Deleted Photos From an SD Card

  How to Recover Deleted Files Recover Deleted Photos From an SD Card We hear it all the time. “I was transferring my photos to my computer, and now they’re all gone!”. In computer forensics speak, “gone” is a relative term. Usually, the files are not actually gone, they’re just where you can’t see them but […]

How can a mother lose custody of her children?

A mother loses a child custody battle Are you a mother? Could you ever imagine a situation where you lose custody of your children? It happens, and here’s one true story to show you how. This is very common among our client base so please don’t think it could never happen to you. The mother […]

Don’t Hire An Attorney Based On Just A Billboard

Getting through any legal problems can be tough, no matter what side you take or what the case is about. You can lower your stress levels by taking on a reputable lawyer to help you out. Finding a reliable representative should help you win your case and stay out of trouble in the future. Don’t […]