Are you worried that your partner has already become a cheater?

Let’s examine some of the common causes and reasons for their possible indiscretion.  Simply, one has the chance to cheat. When an opportunity presents itself, one may find it difficult to turn down the chance to share a sexual encounter with another individual. Some people who would cheat on their partner want to know if they can get away with it. With some people, it can be looked upon as being a sort of game for their mischievous enjoyment.

The chance to cheat is new and exciting for a cheater seeing as how it’s different and a change of pace.You and your partner may have just simply grown apart in your relationship. Ongoing pressure and responsibilities in one’s daily home or work life can lead someone to looking for other “avenues” for distraction. Your partner may have come from a family where one or both parents may have been a cheater.

Over time, being exposed to their behavior may have strongly influenced a negative and unhealthy view of an intimate and healthy relationship that the child would have learned from. Constant arguing between you and your partner may steer them towards cheating because they resent your repetitive negative behavior and attitude towards them.

Your partner may have started socializing with a new group of friends or co-workers whose lifestyle creates an atmosphere which encourages cheating. They may want to “get you back” for some incident or matter that “wronged” them. This may even involve an alleged past indiscretion on your part. Your partner has become upset with the routine lack of sexual activity between the two of you. Needs gone unfulfilled can lead one to look for others to fill the void.

A lack of self esteem can be the proverbial seed that grows to one looking for a “quick fix” to the problem of their self view. Your partner has developed a lack of sexual interest in you because of some aesthetic reason such as weight gain or recent physical abnormality. There is no longer any true intimacy, whether physical or emotional, exchanged between you and your partner.

Your partner may be experiencing a mid-life crisis which leads them to being open to any attention from a different potential younger lover. Your partner has become jaded to their mundane day to day home life which they have become bored by.