Though Cheaters often rely on being sneaky with their indiscretions, there ARE particular days and times when they are more likely to be caught off guard!

  • On the Thursday or Friday before going into any standard weekend.
  • On days when your partner knows or believes that you will be busy or out of town.
  • On the partner’s birthday or on the birthday of their lover.
  • On days when your partner is allegedly traveling alone on out of town business trips.
  • On days when your partner has informed you that they are going to be “working late.”
  • On days when your partner’s company holiday parties are planned.
  • On a Thursday before a long holiday weekend and on the Tuesday after the long holiday weekend.
  • Within a day or so of Valentine’s Day or during lunch on Valentine’s Day.
  • The three days preceding Thanksgiving or the Friday following Thanksgiving Day.
  • On the day preceding Christmas Eve and early Christmas Eve.

Eagle Investigative Services can help you stay one step ahead of the Cheater! Call us now so that we may schedule that perfect time to catch them when they least expect it!