Atlanta Private Investigator Firm Reviews

As a top Atlanta based P.I. firm we have an extensive list of solid reviews. Check out a few below:


Eagle worked on my client’s case and was able to get murder charges dropped in 21 days! It is quite possibly the quickest a murder suspect has been exonerated in United States’ history.

Attorney Mike Jacobs, Atlanta, GA

Unless you have any ideas, I don’t see anything left for you to do. I can’t begin to thank you enough for your skill and support in this situation.

Sarah Gardener, GA

If action speaks louder than words, then Eagle speaks the loudest. This was the first time I was in need of investigators, and I am glad I found the best. I have found Eagle to be very impressive, always going the extra mile. It was through Eagle’s great work that I proved my case in court. I pray I would not need your services again, but if I do I am glad you are there. Thank you for a job well done.

Eric Safa, Duluth, GA

We settled the case – finally! The father gets full custody! Thanks for all your amazing help along the way!

Stacey Godfrey Evans, Wood, Hernacki & Evans LLC

I had been struggling to locate a lost family member, last heard of in Atlanta, Ga. It was imperative, to pass on some critical news, that my family is carrying a highly hereditable and damaging gene. Eagle was able to do this, and in just 48-hours, for me. I’m especially grateful, after three previous Private Detectives seemed to disappear after my first or second phone calls. Thank you Eagle, and especially to Niall, Your good work has given me sleep and had changed people’s lives for the better.

Robert Cooper

Niall and crew jumped right on the project and got valuable video of our subject quickly. The footage was invaluable leverage to a quick settlement.

Todd Stanton, Stanton Law LLC

The work of Eagle was critical in convincing the Plaintiff that the case should be settled at mediation rather than risk the introduction of harmful evidence at trial. Eagle’s team were fantastic!

Mitchell Allen, Bryan Cave

Bluntly, you are fabulous. I am so thankful for your help on these cases. We will keep ’em coming!

Randy New, Kitchens New Cleghorn LLC

I really wanted to thank you and your team for helping me through this! I know we’ve never met face to face but you made this tough time…much easier for me. I know everyone worked very hard – tell them thanks! You are a true professional. Thanks again

Susan Hendricks, Atlanta GA

Eagle Investigative Services stands out among all the private investigative firms I have worked with over the years. They do excellent work and are exceptionally professional. The quality of private investigative firms varies widely. But with Eagle Investigative Services there is no question you are dealing with pros.

Marc B Hershovitz, Esq., Atlanta, GA

I was very satisfied with your services and really have no suggestions for improvement. In fact, a week ago I gave your number to an attorney who was looking for a Spanish speaking investigator.

Joe Pagani, Investigator, Atlanta GA

Thank you for a crackerjack job, as always. You’re on the speed dial.

Joyce Kitchens, Kitchens New Cleghorn LLC

I contacted Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. as well as several other Private Investigator firms to inquire about tracing harassing blocked calls made to my cell phone. All of the other PI firms I contacted told me the technology didn’t exist and one firm said that only my cell phone carrier could determine where the calls were coming from. When I explained this to Niall at Eagle, he offered to prove it to me before signing the contract to hire them. After testing it, I then understood why Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. is the best private investigative firm in Atlanta. Not only were they able to trace the blocked calls to my cell phone, but they had the technology to set it up so that the blocked name and number was unblocked and appeared on the caller ID of the dummy number that we gave them. Because of this, we were able to see the name and number for ourselves and didn’t have to wait for the official call log. Eagle Investigative Service has the latest and greatest technology as well as superior customer service!! I highly recommend them for your investigative needs!!

Paula Atwater, Atlanta, GA -March 2007

Eagle is one of those rare firms that combines competence with creativity. They’ve been able to handle any case we throw at them. They are my A-team.

Rick Alembik PC , Decatur, GA

Thank you Eagle for assisting us in our litigation efforts to date. You are responsive and creative when handling our cases and we appreciate your diligence and attention to detail.

Sharon Rowen, Rowen & Klonoski PC, Atlanta, GA

Our law firm uses Eagle Investigative Services, Inc. for all of our clients’ investigatory and surveillance needs. We can always expect discreet, prompt, professional service at a competitive rate. We have contracted with other similar companies in the past; however, after using Eagle, we’ll never use any other company again. Bottom line, Eagle gets the job done for our clients. Thanks Eagle

Douglas V. Chandler, Esquire, Chandler Law, LLC, Atlanta, Georgia

Eagle Investigative Services Inc., provided me with important legal services that required quick action. I needed fast service on a defendant. Eagle was not only able to serve the defendant, but they did so in a timely manner. Eagle was professional, proficient and performed exceptionally well. I would not hesitate to use them for any future investigative service needs.

Ty Wilson, Attorney, – Atlanta, GA

I just wanted to thank you for the work that you and your staff performed. It was professional, efficient and most of all successful. I will always recommend to people when they face life situations that they can not navigate on their own due to emotions or circumstances that they contact a professional and I will also recommend that Eagle as that professional. Thanks again.

Benson Chambers, Attorney, Bray & Johnson, Canton, GA

Under the leadership of Niall Cronnolly, Eagle Investigative Services has consistently garnered and delivered the information, documentation and details that mattered most in seeking justice for our clients. When you build a case, every detail and every piece of information counts in the overall analysis. No matter what the cause of action – civil or criminal – Eagle Investigative Services genuinely understands how to help you and your clients, even at the worst moments in their lives. Call on Eagle Investigative Services, we do!

David S. Crawford, Esq., Law Firm of Eason, Kennedy & Crawford – Atlanta, GA

By the way: We WON the K***** case. The judge awarded SOLE physical and legal custody to Mr. K***** !! I’m really excited about this, thank you for all of your help. Thanks again!! You are the BEST!!

Carin Burgess Esq., Burgess Law, Atlanta, GA

Whether your investigative matter is work-related or personal, Eagle are of the highest caliber. In a field where honesty and integrity are of the utmost importance, I have found Eagle to be impeccable and of the highest quality standards. They are unusually perceptive, ethical and cost-effective, a combination that can not be beat. They are protective of their clients and work hard to save your money as they solve your problems, in a field where others might try to take advantage of a situation. I would recommend them without reservation to anyone for any situation. It is obvious they are in this business for the right reasons; they wish to help solve your problems.

Dr. Jeannie Blom, M.D. Wellstar Systems – Atlanta, GA

Thanks! I am extremely impressed with your professionalism. I will use your company in the future

Diana Lynch, Lynch Law Group, – Atlanta, GA

Thank you for the great service. I couldn’t believe he was such a game-player – he even talked about adopting my son! It was a complete shock to me.

Yawen Chen, Taipei, Taiwan

I was looking to locate some lost family members to notify them of a member of the family being killed in Iraq. I emailed Eagle and someone got back to me within the hour, asking for the information I may have. I gave them the information and within the next 20 minutes they had found them for me. Without their help we would not have been able to contact them to let them know about their brother. I would recommend Eagle to anyone trying to find someone!

Tinna Gordon, Sacramento, CA

I have associated Eagle Investigative Services on various types of cases for the last several years. I have not only been pleased with their work, but impressed with the professionalism, courtesy and effectiveness with which they conduct themselves throughout each case. Their professionalism in the courtroom is also exceptional. In all major cases, whether domestic, personal injury or medical malpractice, Eagle is among the first contacts I make.

Clarence O. Taylor IV, Attorney – Marietta, GA

Again, thank you for the prompt follow up. I have been most satisfied with the professionalism your company displayed in handling my case. Please feel free to put me on your reference list. I wish you continued success in your business.

Susan Carson, – Marietta, GA.

Eagle was a huge help in my efforts to locate the biological father of my stepson. I sent them the information and within 2 hours they had an answer for me. Dealing with them was a pleasure, I was impressed with their speed, professionalism, and courtesy. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact them first if I ever need investigative services again.

Kevin Johnson. – Springfield, IL

You were always available whenever I called. Thanks for the information.

Christy Sasser, – Hampton GA

Eagle Investigative Services consistently provides exemplary, cutting-edge PI work. They use various types of surveillance techniques and customized their services to meet my individual needs. They were true professionals every step of the way! Through a very difficult situation, they not only provided me with excellent service, but continually kept me informed, made themselves available, and genuinely cared about my individual case and circumstances. Finding a top of the line PI can truly make or break a case. However, finding such a top of the line PI that also genuinely exudes a personal, vested interest in each client is peace of mind and reassurance through what can be a difficult time. I will continue to give my highest recommendations to Eagle Investigative Services, for work I am truly grateful for and will never forget. They are my ace in the hole. Thank you!

Ashley Wheeler, – Anniston, AL

Niall was a great help to me during my time in distress. He talked to me at length, answering questions, and doing what he could to help me feel better, which wasn’t easy. He also played it straight with me, even when it was unpleasant and I will always appreciate how he dealt with me.

Mike Mogil, – Marietta, GA.

I have had the opportunity to associate Eagle Investigative Services on a number of cases, and I have been extremely pleased with the manner in which they have handled their assignments. As a direct result of their efforts, one of my Felony cases was dismissed after it had been placed on the jury trial calendar. I have also used them in domestic cases, and they have uncovered an opposing party’s trysts despite their efforts to conceal such conduct. Above all, they have instilled a confidence in my clients that not only reflects well upon their company, but also upon me for having secured such a valued part of the litigation process. Now, I find that in any big case Eagle is one of the first contacts I will make. Their diligence, professionalism and integrity is unquestionable.

James D. Hogan, Attorney, – Marietta, GA.

I was very pleased w/the services provided. Eagle was very accommodating and committed to finding a solution that met my surveillance needs at a very reasonable price….significantly lower than those quoted by other agencies. It was a pleasure working with Eagle and if I EVER need additional investigative services I will be contacting Eagle. I highly recommend Eagle to meet your needs.

Mike Collins, – Columbus, GA

I was scared to know the truth, and if I was doing the right thing. I’m just relieved that it is over. I’m currently filing for a divorce. The service I received from Eagle was courteous, fast and efficient.

Gail Zavala, – South Carolina

Slam dunk. I served Pam (not real name) with the divorce complaint last weekend and she folded like a house of cards. She said she would be willing to do anything for me not to involve her employer. She agreed to move out of the house and take what I was willing to give her. She is not even getting a lawyer. My lawyer will process the divorce all on my terms. Win-Win for me. That’s where it stands.. The divorce is moving ahead and I have everything I need

Mike Shea, Alpharetta, GA