Network Infrastructure

For organizations that value their IT assets, network infrastructure and developing a comprehensive security strategy is a sound investment. Our security architects work with you to create the policies, standards, and procedures needed to secure your enterprise. Eagle Investigative Services consultants apply industry-standard “best practices” while working with your staff to tailor a plan that is as unique as your organization. Our strategic consulting services include security strategy, policy development, and incident response planning.

Security Strategy Workshop

This full-day workshop plus follow-on analysis explains the information security risks currently inherent in your enterprise, and outlines the impact of a security breach. Topics include:

  • Understanding your business-critical technology and operations
  • Identifying and examining critical threats
  • Analyzing your specific security requirements
  • Risk management
  • Prioritizing your security strategies

Upon completing the workshop and follow-on analysis, you receive a report documenting your company’s security priorities, plus a review of the strengths and weaknesses uncovered.

Security Policy Development & Incident Response Planning

Not all information assets are created equal. One of the first steps in developing a practical security strategy is examining the information assets specific to your business. Such assets can be broadly categorized as those requiring contractual and legislative compliance, those needing virus prevention, or those critical to business recovery after a security compromise. Eagle Investigative Services examines the business value of your information technology and assets, and works with your staff to create a custom-designed security policy and incident-handling procedure that protects your strategic assets.

Using our knowledge of industry standards and best practices, we address issues such as:

  • Asset classification and control
  • Network management
  • Virus management
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Incident response
  • Organizational issues
  • Physical security controls
  • Compliance with security policy

Our analysis of your information results in a corporate security policy that clearly states your security objectives and explains your specific security requirements. The policy also describes general and specific roles to be filled by employees, assigns responsibility for executing the various aspects of your information security program, articulates a comprehensive process for reporting and responding to security incidents, and establishes a process for maintaining the security policy.

Analysis of Security Solutions

Eagle Investigative Services can design an effective security solution but first we must gain insight into your organization’s current level of security. Our assessment services probe the condition of your network and physical security systems, as well as your organization’s compliance with your stated security policies. We analyze the results of our assessment to help prioritize and allocate security resources. Using a variety of agreed-upon techniques, we check for vulnerabilities and threats, attempt to infiltrate your offices, and try to break into your computing networks. Eagle Investigative Services assessment and analysis services include:

  • Network architecture reviews
  • Host assessments
  • Asset value assessment
  • Intrusion testing and physical security assessments
  • Product analysis and code reviews

For more information about how our service can be helpful in making you feel safer, and can help you stop unwanted attention or harassment, contact us and provide us with as much information as you have about your situati