Well, this week is proving to be very interesting indeed.

Collection Cases

For our collection clients and our partner company CollectPro, Inc. we are continuously working on tracking down debtors who don’t want to be found and digging deep to source any assets they may have. This includes bank accounts, property, vehicles and anything else of any value that could be used to satisfy the debt they’ve run out on.

We are also conducting a 2-man surveillance in San Francisco (one of my favorite cities). I won’t be going but we’ll be sending one of our team from Atlanta to meet up with a local PI we can trust and we’ll be following our subject from the airport. Always tough to conduct surveillance in SFO but we’ve had great success in the past so I’m confident we’ll be just as successful this week.

We have a new case in where a trucking company has shuttered its doors and we’re tasked with locating two trailers that need to be repossessed. Our client has a sneaking suspicion the trailers are being actively rented so it’ll be off to the DOT to see what they can provide.

And of course, we have a “rush surveillance” in Springfield, Tennessee. Thankfully, this client also understands that rush service costs a little extra. We can’t drop our current clients to take on new cases but we can always fit new cases in to our schedules. We have a love/hate relationship with “rush” cases. It’s been my experience that rushing into a case usually produces the worst results. Patience yields the best results in private investigation but you don’t always have the luxury of time.

Background Checks

We have a few background investigations to conduct. We have one in Wisconsin that will require us to place the Subject under surveillance for a couple of days. We call this a Lifestyle Assessment Investigation. Following a subject for 2-3 days gives you a very solid grasp of how they live their lives and can even uncover bank accounts (e.g. we see them stop to get cash) and business relationships. Very telling stuff.

Family Law Cases

As usual we have about 20-30 adultery and child custody cases on file that require various degrees of attention. One case involves a local TV news anchor. Another involves motorsports participants. Another involves a former adultery client of ours whose case has now turned into a nasty child custody battle. You can see some samples of the evidence we gather in cases like these here. A former dentist client of ours just had one of their employees accidentally fax some personal information by completely mis-dialing a phone number and the recipients phone number just happened to be a fax machine – what are the chances of that? Very bad luck, but we’ll be tracing the fax number today to see who it belongs to to help mitigate any damage to our client’s reputation.

We’re also working on developing new skip tracing tools to assist us (and our clients) get quicker and more accurate resolutions in skip tracing matters. We’ll release details here as soon as we have them!

Have a great week everyone!