As a guide, we have compiled the following list, or “Cheater Meter” to help you determine if your partner may likely be a cheater. Curious to see just how many of these tell-tale signs might apply to you and the situation with your partner? Take a moment to browse and see how many of the following signs may sound familiar.

  • Is your partner often protective or secretive regarding usage of their cell phone or personal computer? This may involve them placing or taking cell phone calls and text messages in private. They may even have another cell or prepaid phone that they tell you is for “work related purposes.”
  • Has your partner ever had a known instance of cheating on a former love interest or spouse in their past?
  • Have there been noticeable changes in the sexual activity between you and your partner? This could involve noticeably more or less sex than usual and new techniques, fetishes or preferences.
  • Does your partner act distant, distracted or seemingly disinterested in their relationship involvement with you?
  • Has your partner been acting a little “too close” with a friend, colleague or co-worker?
  • Have you discovered missing funds, inconsistent loss of income or odd ATM withdrawals from your partner?
  • Does your partner never seem to answer your phone calls to their cell, workplace or office phone at otherwise normal times of day?
  • Is your partner employed at a bar, restaurant, or work around a lot of people at their place of business? Your partner may have even recently requested that you not try to contact or visit them at their workplace.
  • When asked about their behavior, does your partner ever accuse you of “just being paranoid” or “it’s just your insecurity?” They may have deflected your accusations of infidelity with excuses such as “we are just friends.”
  • Has your partner made a sudden change in their physical appearance, grooming or dress style? This may involve a sudden interest in working out, or a cosmetic augmentation such as breast enlargement or other form of plastic surgery.
  • Do you often encounter your partner “staying out late with friends” or spending later hours “at work” than usual?
  • Have you found your partner suddenly utilizing a method of birth control, using a different means of birth control or developing an unexplained STD?
  • Has your partner taken a sudden unexplained interest in your daily work schedule or where you may be at certain times of the day?
  • Have you ever found odd items in your partner’s vehicle or in your home such as unrecognizable articles of clothing?
  • Do you or your partner have a career in the military which may involve long periods of time away from each other? Your partner may even have a job which frequently requires them to be on the road or out of town.
  • Have you noticed an unfamiliar cologne or perfume scent on your partner when they arrive home?
  • Do you often times catch your partner lying to you about seemingly meaningless or insignificant matters?
  • Has your partner recently mentioned that the two of you should “take a break from each other” or “spend a little less time together?”

Did you recognize any of those tell-tale signs? You need to separate the truth from all of their lies and excuses. Isn’t it time for you to have some peace of mind? Remember, YOU have a right to know what’s really going on in YOUR relationship! Eagle can help.