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Private Investigators feel the heat

With the summer heat upon us we have our hands full this coming week. If you’re interested in what a private investigator actually does every day, read on.

The biggest change we’ve seen in terms of the workload we’re dealing with is the rise in computer forensic matters. We’re working several hotly contested cases. Some involve former employees of a corporation, spam text messages, online hate posts and business deals gone wrong. It’s rare to have a case these days that doesn’t include either a phone, tablet or computer.

Receiving spam faxes or texts?

Speaking of spam text messages (or junk faxes) if you’ve been receiving either you should contact Marc B. Hershovitz, Esq. He is an expert in litigating these matters. He’ll sue the sender on your behalf and win. He’s that good.

Atlanta Private Investigator Workload

Other cases we’ve been tasked we’ll be handling this week:

– We’ll be wrapping up a murder investigation this week. Our job included tracking down and interviewing witnesses who “don’t want to be involved”. Work like this has taken us up and down the east coast in search of these witnesses.

– We’ve been requested to research the assets of a corporation in South Korea. This will be interesting as one of our senior investigators (Jimmy Carsten) has spent many years in Korea during his active service with the military and a senior CID agent.

– We’re always asked to research phone numbers. This week we’ll be trying to research who owned phone number in 2012, 2013, and 2014. This type of research has become extremely difficult because of the ability of people to move or port their phone number from one carrier to another.

– We have our hands full with locates, as usual. One of the easiest ways to locate a person is to search for utilities in their name. If they’re paying for cable at an address then they’re most likely living at that address.

– We have several ongoing surveillance cases at the moment. We’re never short of surveillance cases to work on. Adultery, worker’s comp, competitor intelligence and store theft are the cases we’ll be keeping a close eye on this week.

A private investigation tip for you

You have some problem in your life. It might be a cheating spouse. It might be a harassing neighbor. It might be a swindling business partner. Maybe it’s an employee faking an injury? Whatever it is you think you might need outside help. Before you hire a private investigator you should talk with an attorney. You may not actually need a private investigator. A good attorney will let you know whether you do or you don’t need a private investigator. If you want to know where to find a good attorney you can start here or here.

And you can call us anytime at (800) 867-3930. We’ll be happy to speak with you in confidence and there’s no obligation whatsoever. If we can help you we’ll let you know. If we can’t we’ll let you know. If we think you’d be wasting your money by hiring us we’ll also let you know that.