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Recover Deleted Photos From an SD Card

How to Recover Deleted Files We hear it all the time. “I was transferring my photos to my computer, and now they’re all gone!”. In computer forensics speak, “gone” is a relative term. Usually, the files are not actually gone,... read more

How to catch a private investigator

Even the best get cornered, sometimes.. People looking to hire a private investigator in Atlanta often ask us, “How often do you get caught?”. What they’re referring to is how often the subject of our investigation finds out that we’re... read more

What LL Cool J’s Daughter can teach you about evidence

Evidence is the only thing that matters A recent story hit the headlines. Short version: LL Cool J’ daughter (Itialia Smith) is a real estate agent. She went into business with a real estate broker in New York. The deal was she’d split commissions on transactions she... read more

Atlanta Private Investigator Cases – 07/14/2016

Can’t we all just get along? Realistically – no we can’t. Think about your own life. There are people you like to be around and people you can’t stand. As you go through life you’ll encounter many people. Some you’ll be drawn to and... read more

How can a mother lose custody of her children?

A mother loses a child custody battle Are you a mother? Could you ever imagine a situation where you lose custody of your children? It happens, and here’s one true story to show you how. This is very common among our client base so please don’t think it could never... read more

Child Custody – Protect your child

Child Custody Battles Do you know a child that would be better off in another home? Children seem to end up the being the real victims in cases involving a divorce situation or a battle over child custody rights. Note: We are not attorneys and we do not give legal... read more

Atlanta Private Investigator Cases 06/26/2016

Private Investigators feel the heat With the summer heat upon us we have our hands full this coming week. If you’re interested in what a private investigator actually does every day, read on. The biggest change we’ve seen in terms of the workload... read more
April 20th, 2016 – Private Investigation Cases

April 20th, 2016 – Private Investigation Cases

Cases we’re working on this week:   Urgent Call For Information Leading to Stolen Vehicle Recovery We were hired this week to recover a stolen 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible. We’re offering a $2500 reward for any information leading to the recovery... read more
April 6th, 2016  – Current Private Investigation Cases

April 6th, 2016 – Current Private Investigation Cases

Well, this week is proving to be very interesting indeed. Collection Cases For our collection clients and our partner company CollectPro, Inc. we are continuously working on tracking down debtors who don’t want to be found and digging deep to source any assets... read more