Atlanta Private Detective

Don’t you wish life was like this?

Can’t we all just get along?

Realistically – no we can’t. Think about your own life. There are people you like to be around and people you can’t stand. As you go through life you’ll encounter many people. Some you’ll be drawn to and some you won’t be able to get far enough away from. So what happens when you decide to marry one of these people, or go into business with them?

Well, things might go swimmingly for you. You might have the best life in the world and never have a problem or an issue. After all, who wants problems?

But life doesn’t work that way, unfortunately. You are sent tests, trials and problems throughout your life and they are a natural part of living. Sometimes you can solve these issues yourself. Sometimes you don’t know where to turn. In the situations where you feel you have nobody to turn to you can often enlist the services of a competent private investigator. As you’ll see below, you can enlist a private investigator to tackle all kinds of problems – not just criminal cases, or divorce cases.

What we’re working on

Well, it’s been extremely busy. Our corporate litigation cases which all involve computer forensics analysis are still trudging along. These cases can drag on for years. Neither side wants to concede even the slightest bit. Usually the side that’s not “playing ball” is the guilty side. It’s our job to prove it.

Adultery cases, which seemed to slow down a bit for us this year have spiked considerably. We have several cases on the books at the moment that involve cheating spouses.

We’re also tasked with finding a woman who has moved from the Atlanta area to Texas. Today’s technology makes the world much smaller. You don’t have to be in Texas to locate someone living in Texas. Databases help of course, but the real trick to skip tracing success is being able to pretext the information you need. There’s not many private investigators who can do this successfully. We’re experts at it.

We have an unusual case at the moment where a board member was fired from the board of a club where he was a member. He suspects there’s some shenanigans going on between two other board members and wants them investigated. We’re using a combination of surveillance, GPS tracking and old-school interviewing techniques to make this happen. So far, we’ve discovered the two board members in question are spending quite a bit of time with each other. They’re both married to other people.

We got a lucky break in one of our cases. One subject of our investigation had moved her boyfriend into the marital home after she had the husband removed from the house using a Temporary Protective Order. Part of that order stated we could not do surveillance on the marital home. So how do we prove he’s living there? Well, we were at a bit of a standstill until one of our friends at a local country club spotted the boyfriend driving our client’s vehicle! We swooped in quickly to get surveillance video of him and sure enough he was driving the client’s Mercedes. We followed him to the marital residence and we had to stop there. This case is heating up fast.

Private Investigator Tip For You

There’s an old saying, “Loose lips, sink ships”. I was reminded of this by a recent news article that described how an airline employee notified a passenger that someone was asking questions about her. This was particularly bad luck for the private investigator as it ended up getting his name plastered all over the internet. In the industry, we refer to this as “getting busted” or getting “burned”.

The number one reason a private investigator gets burned is because someone says something to tip off the subject of the investigation. We almost never get caught or found out unless somebody says something or does something to cause our subject to become suspicious. Often, our clients are careless with information. We once had a client enter “My PI” in their contacts list on their phone. His wife saw the contact. We still managed to catch his wife cheating but it took much longer and was far more expensive than it needed to be.

If you think you need a private investigator feel free to contact us here for a free, no-obligation, friendly consultation.