Cases we’re working on this week:


Urgent Call For Information Leading to Stolen Vehicle Recovery

We were hired this week to recover a stolen 1968 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible. We’re offering a $2500 reward for any information leading to the recovery of this vehicle:

Stolen 1968 Olds 442 Convertible

The people who stole this vehicle drove a White Dodge Challenger just like this one:

Olds 442 Stolen Olds 442 Stolen

Thank you for any assistance you can provide if you see these vehicles. Please call (404) 409-8297 to talk confidentially or leave an anonymous tip.

Other cases:

We got an interesting one in this week – a woman called saying she believed the house she was renting had been wired to film her secretly and that her computer network has been compromised. She’d observed over two dozen administrator accounts on the computer she’d just purchased a couple of months ago. Further – she also found compromising pictures of herself on her computer that she’s sure she didn’t take. We’ve immediately begun a counter-surveillance check for hidden cameras and we’ve forensically imaged her computer to secure that evidence. We’re hoping the metadata from the images she’s referring to will lead us to a make and model of camera. She also has a very solid suspicion as to who might be committing these legal acts.

We get a lot of calls from people who claim to being watched. Many of these people are mentally ill and the one way we separate the real ones from the mentally deranged ones is to ask them “Why would someone be doing this to you?” If they don’t have a solid answer, then the surveillance is all in their head. Unfortunately many people are either medically misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all for mental illness. It’s sad. We advise everyone to learn the warning signs of mental illness. You just might be able to save someone’s life.

We’re conducting asset investigations for debt recovery and collection cases in the following cities this week – Lamar CO, Steamboat Springs CO, Edgewater FL, Louisa KY and Cincinnati OH. These cases involve surveillance, asset location, courthouse searches and bank account searches. These types of cases are becoming the most common we handle.

We’re working a 2 man surveillance in San Jose, CA this week. This is for a worker’s compensation claim our client feels is fraudulent. All signs so far indicate the claim is fraudulent and we’re getting some very interesting video footage to support that suspicion.

We’re also tracking down a boat for repossession. These cases take us to the water frequently and we won’t complain about that! Repossession cases involve a certain level of danger. Nobody wants what they BELIEVE is theirs to be taken away from them, whether they’ve paid for it or not. Hopefully, this will go over without any violence or danger. We prefer it that way!

We’re also testifying in a number of cases we’ve worked earlier this year. Testifying is the most satisfying part of what we do. We get to see the look on our Subject’s faces as they realize they were being investigated without their knowledge and in some cases were tracked 24 hours a day and had no idea they were being tracked. In many of these cases we’ll be brought in as rebuttal witnesses. This means the Subject will already have testified to having done something or having been somewhere. We’ll be brought in to testify and show evidence that they were lying to the court. We’ll get to see them squirm!

Until next week!